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Director: Reverend Scott Shaffer
Principal: Mrs. Madeline Kinloch
B.S. Health, Physical Education and Recreation, West Chester University 
M.A. Education, Catholic School Leadership Program, Administration and Supervision in Education Georgian Court l University 
Email: mkinloch@stjoeschooltr.org
Vice Principal: Ms. Juliann James
B.A. Early Childhood Education JCSC 
M.A. Administration, Supervision and Curriculum Planning GCU 
Email: jjames@stjoeschooltr.org

Support Staff

Administrative Assistant  Mrs. Terry Abatemarco 
Secretaries  Mrs. Bridget Doran

Mrs. Denise Silvestrone

Mrs. Lisa Miraglia

Bookkeeper Mrs. A. Westen
Cafeteria Metz 
Head Custodians Mr. Michael Penner 
Mr. William Capraun 


Grade (click for website) Teacher (click for trifold) Email
Pre-K3 Mrs. Peterson cpeterson@stjoeschooltr.org
Pre-K4A Mrs. Cella dcella@stjoeschooltr.org
Pre-K4B Sister Debbie dvignuolo@stjoeschooltr.org
Kindergarten A Miss Murray c murray@stjoeschooltr.org
Kindergarten B Mrs. Brennan mbrennan@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 1A Mrs. Williams lwilliams@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 1B Mrs. Bodden pbodden@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 2A Miss Schrumpf kschrumpf@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 2B Mrs. Kennedy ckennedy@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 3A Ms. Dishon rdishon@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 3B  Mrs. Kleme ckleme@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 3C Mrs. Jones njones@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 4A Mrs. Corey kcorey@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 4B Mrs. Misko cmisko@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 5A Mrs. Saluccio vsaluccio@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 5B Mrs. Brown mbrown@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 5C Mrs. Huber ehuber@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 6A Mrs. Chiarello
Grade 6B Mrs. Braun sbraun@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 6C Mr. Tobin ctobin@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 7A Mrs. Szegda  kszegda@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 7B Mrs. Cerami pcerami@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 7C Mr. Dudley wdudley@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 8A Ms. Criscuolo jcriscuolo@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 8B Mrs. Delaney mdelaney@stjoeschooltr.org
Grade 8C Mrs. Reynolds sreynolds@stjoeschooltr.org
Math Enrichment  Dr. Berberian fberberian@stjoeschooltr.org
Art Mrs. Kitzmiller skitzmiller@stjoeschooltr.org
Music Mrs. Grill dgrill@stjoeschooltr.org
Technology Mrs. Roth croth@stjoeschooltr.org
Nurse Mrs. Rauch drauch@stjoeschooltr.org
  Mrs. O'Connor foconnor@stjoeschooltr.org
Counselor Mrs. Roche droche@stjoeschooltr.org
Physical Education Ms. Ellis bellis@stjoeschooltr.org
Band Mr. Cowdrick jcowdrick@stjoeschooltr.org
Cafeteria   tnelson@stjoeschooltr.org

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