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Parent Testimonials 

"One of the most amazing things about SJGS is the strong sense of family and community that you feel from the very moment you enter the building.  The administrators, faculty, and staff are all extremely approachable and eager to provide any assistance that you need.  They consistently give 100% of themselves, not only in the academic arena, but also in their faith, encouraging faith-based values, prayer, and community service.  The SJGS environment provides the students not only a solid, challenging foundation of academics, but also teaches such wonderful characteristic as kindness, humility, courageousness, honor and empathy.  I choose to send my 4 children to SJGS because these characteristics are taught at home and continue to be taught at school. We are living in a time where our world needs to encourage our youth both personally and academically, and SJGS avidly provides both of these traits."

Ellen Krajczewski


Our decision to send our daughter to Saint Joseph's Grade School was a generational one. My siblings and I had attended and now we have the next generation (five students) enrolled. It has been said that if you want to build a strong structure that will stand the test of time, you start at the base. The academic foundation and the moral compass that I received here were indeed the “base” for the rest of my life both professionally and personally. As I progressed through the years at SJGS and Donovan Catholic, I internalized integrity, compassion and a spirited sense of athletic and academic competition. Here, much is expected of students and in time, students place those very same expectations on themselves. Students are groomed, fine – tuned for success and that mindset that discipline stays with them throughout their lives.

Saint Joseph's Grade School and Donovan Catholic High School -  Not just a place but a “foundry” that will mold your future by providing the academic armour, the integrated ideas and the strong sense of self that are essential in today's competitive world.     

Peter A. Curatolo


Six years ago my husband and I took a leap of faith and enrolled my first grader at Saint Joseph grade school.  He was suffering from extreme anxiety and we were hoping an environment centered on God would give him a sense of security. That was the best decision we had ever made. His anxiety had completely gone away within three months and because of that his academics flourished. He was only reading 10 site words when he entered first grade and his writing was illegible. By mid-year he was reading books and writing beautifully. 

I have two children there now and we couldn’t be happier. We see them building a foundation of love and respect for God, family, friends, and their community. The academics are challenging but all the teachers are dedicated to seeing my boys succeed and flourish. 

Saint Joseph grade school has been a great blessing to my family. 

Rebekah Park 


St. Joseph’s Grade School provides a strong foundation to enhance the growth of our children academically, spiritually, and socially.  Their focus on a catholic upbringing intertwined with superior academics provides the fundamentals for lifelong success in an environment that fosters respect, responsibility and a strong sense of community.  The personalized and individual attention the students receive is paramount.  It allows the children to thrive by nurturing their strengths and facilitating early intervention to help identify and improve their weaknesses.  My wife and I have witnessed the growth and maturation of our daughter since her enrollment at St. Joseph Grade School.  We are happy and confident in our decision to send our children to a school where the core values and principles taught are aligned with ours at home and integrated into their daily academic routine along with faith and family. 

Ryan Pannorfi, DMD