For more than 85 years, st. Joseph Grade School has been providing the finest in academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. We offer a high standard of education with small class sizes. Our curriculum is based on the NJ Core Content Standards and Approved by the Diocese of Trenton Office of Catholic Education.

Saint Joseph Grade School is accredited by the AdvancedEd with the North Central Association C omission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

PreK-3 & 4  Year Old Programs

A place filled with adventure and creativity, St. Joseph Grade School’s PreK-3 & 4 offers full day programs. Here, our youngest students are encouraged to explore and discover in a loving and nurturing environment, where play is a natural part of learning. Children flourish at their own pace, as they build their language, math and social skills to prepare­­ for Kindergarten.

Fueled by faith, our passionate teachers guide each child on a personal journey to become closer to Jesus and to embrace our Roman Catholic Faith. As a community we pray together, we teach by example, and we strive to go far beyond the classroom. The foundation starts here!

  • Develop Kindergarten Readiness
  • Encourage Personal & Social Development
  • Share and Experience Catholic Traditions
  • Foster Responsibility & Independence
  • Inspire Health & Safety
  • Provide Hands-On Experiences
  • Build Confidence & Self-Esteem


Kindergarten thru Grade 8

Surrounded by a Roman Catholic community, we guide our students to a deeper relationship with Christ by providing a comprehensive and instrumental program leading our students to active participation in the life of the Church. Students receive a strong faith-filled religious foundation in the classroom and through sacramental preparation and liturgical celebrations.

Integrated Language Arts
The Integrated Language Arts curriculum unites all aspects of Language Arts, including: writing, literature, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, phonics, comprehension, listening, cursive writing, and speaking incorporated with alternative assessment, differentiated instruction, and technology. Our students are equipped with the skillset demanded in today’s fast-paced world to analyze information, communicate effectively and articulately, write clearly, and read a variety of materials with comprehension and expertise.

Our strong mathematics program produces problem-solvers who value the importance, power, and application of mathematics in their lives. Collaboration, variety, and opportunity are the cornerstones on which our curriculum is built in order that students develop a lifelong appreciation of math and are more than prepared for the future. Students meeting specific requirements in Grades 4-8 may be placed in the Accelerated Math program.

Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum is an integrated study of the social sciences and humanities and examines the geography, culture, religion, history, government, and economic systems of the world. The primary purpose of social studies is to help our young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.

Science Curriculum  
Our hand’s-on STEM curriculum leads students to experience opportunities to become scientifically literate in order to understand our world and to make effective and responsible contributions to the community. All students are encouraged to develop an appreciation for the great diversity of life found on Earth. Science education is to honor, vivify, and nurture the innate natural curiosity of all students.

Co Curricular
St. Joseph Grade School’s co-curricular programs are inspiring and innovative areas where students experience and develop their God-given talents, as they discover and enrich personal creativity and imagination.

Fine & Performing Arts explores opportunities in Dance, Music, Theater, Public Speaking and the Visual Arts.

Physical Education fosters development of gross, fine motor, team activities, and sportsmanship.

Spanish integrates knowledge of the language with an understanding of Hispanic culture.

Technology prepares students for the ever-changing and innovative digital world of the 21st Century through the iPad for Learning program, computer skills, and robotics.

Opportunities at St. Joseph Grade School go far beyond the school day. We believe children can discover their potential and learn valuable skills in extracurricular activities such as clubs, sports, and other non-academic venues.­

Extracurricular activities help develop areas of the brain that may not be fully utilized by strictly academic work, as well as developing important skills that can transfer into academic performance, such as creative problem solving and teamwork. The way children choose to spend their free time can have a huge impact on their academics and extracurricular activities are a good way to encourage positive use of free time.

Club and Activities
Student Council
National Junior Honor Society
Student Ambassadors
Girl Scouts
Boy Scouts
Art Club
Debate Team
Drama Club
Rainbows for All God’s Children
Sodality of Mary
Scrabble Club
St. Vincent DePaul Society
K-Kids (Junior Kiwanis Club)
Junior Habitat for Humanity
Spartan Times Newspaper
Christmas Concert
Spring Concert
Drama Production
School Band Concerts