Cafeteria Prepay Options Instructions (pdf)
Support Services

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St. Joseph’s Grade School has a full time registered nurse. Height and weight measurements, vision, hearing, and scoliosis screening are provided. Students requiring medication at school are required to have a written statement from the family physician which identifies the type, dosage, time interval, purpose, and the side effects of the medication. Written permission by the parent/guardian requesting that the school nurse administer the medication, both prescription and non-prescription must be kept on file in the health office.


Hot and cold lunches, as well as drinks and snacks, are available daily to all students. Students may either purchase school lunch, or, bring lunch from home. A menu is available to students at the beginning of each month. Children are supervised by a paid staff of lunch aides inside the cafeteria and outside on the playground.

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Catapult provides us with a licensed, certified play therapist who offers counseling in an individual and/or group setting for classified students. Parents/Students are encouraged to ask for an appointment with the school counselor when there is a personal matter of concern.


Students who qualify may receive remedial assistance through Catapult Learning Services. These services may include reading and writing instruction, mathematics instruction, ESL, speech therapy, child study team evaluations, in class support assistance, and occupational and physical therapy.

Catapult Learning

Services offered by Catapult Learning are as follows:

Child Study Team (CST)

A Child Study Team evaluation is offered at the teacher’s request (with parental consent) or parent request. CST consists of a social worker, a school psychologist, a learning consultant, and, if necessary, speech therapist. A representative of the school, along with the classroom teacher and the parent, make up the remaining members of the evaluation process.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Students classified by the CST as having a learning disability are eligible for SI. This consists of 30 to 60 minutes of individual or small group instruction per week.

Eligible for Speech/Language Services (ESLS)

This service is for students who require individualized and/or small group instruction in speech articulation or language/grammar skills. This consists of 30 to 60 minutes of individual or small group instruction per week.

Compensatory Education (CE)

Students not eligible for SI may be eligible for CE classes. CE classes are based on test scores, classroom performance, and/or teacher recommendation. The classes consist of 30 to 60 minutes of individual or small group instruction per week in Math and/or Reading and Writing Skills.

For all of the above services, students are picked up from the classroom and instructed by a certified special education teacher in the on-site trailers provided by Catapult Learning.

In Class Support (ICS)

The CST may determine that a child needs daily remediation and may recommend the services of an ICS teacher. This certified special education teacher would work in the child’s classroom to provide individual or small group instruction. An ICST would be in the classroom depending on the determination of need by the CST, and the funding available from the child’s public school district of residence.


Counseling is offered to students who have been classified and are in need of counseling services. Students would be seen individually or in small groups for 30 to 60 minutes per week.

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy (OT/PT)

This is offered to students that have been classified and determined to need individual instruction to enhance fine and/or gross motor coordination. These sessions are sometimes held after school.



Enrichment courses are available in the following areas: Accelerated Mathematics (Grades 4-8) Grade 8 Mathematics/Algebra Accelerated Science (Grades 7-8) Algebra I Honors (Monsignor Donovan High School) Eligibility is determined by standardized test scores, in conjunction with teacher recommendation and yearly progress reports.


Students have the privilege of using the transportation services provided by their public school districts. Only registered riders are permitted to ride the bus. Approximately 95% of our students utilize the bus service. The remaining students either walk or are transported to and from school by private transportation.

Extended Day Services

Supervised morning care and after school care programs are available to all students for a nominal fee. Morning care begins at 6:45 AM. The aftercare program begins at dismissal and runs until 6 PM in the evening. Students receive help with homework, and may participate in indoor or outdoor activities. Snacks are available. This service is available on an “as needed” basis.


Tutoring services are available under the coordination of the vice principal. Children are tutored after school, on site, by a certified teacher on staff.